Glock 43X/48 10 Round 9mm Factory Magazine

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Don’t settle for an off-brand magazine when it comes to your everyday carry weapon. You don’t want to bank on a “Fred’s Pretty OK” brand mag when your life is on the line. If you have a Glock 43X or 48 handgun, get it a factory Glock mag and rest assured that your pistol is ready for action! This magazine holds 10 rounds of 9mm. (Glock calls 9mm “9x19” because they’re European and they do some things funny over there.) It’s hardened steel on the inside and durable polymer on the outside, so you don’t have to worry about regular wear and tear compromising your ability to defend yourself. Glock’s steel spring retains its elasticity in spite of being left loaded for extended periods of time, and their follower is colored fire orange so you can tell at once if there’s ammo in there or not. Glock’s single stack magazine has little windows running up its spine, so you’ll be able to tell how many shots you have remaining as quickly as you can eject the magazine. And ejecting this magazine is a snap, we should add, because it drops free regardless of which side your handgun’s release button is located.
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