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When You Need to Carry a Rifle Without Looking Like You re Carrying a Rifle The Apparition Bag from Grey Ghost Gear, and what it carries, can be our little secret. Sometimes you want to be able to carry your SBR or broken-down carbine without drawing the attention that a two-point sling carry does. Enter this pack. It’s been specifically designed to tote around your 10.5-inch or shorter SBR, or even a longer, or suppressor equipped SBR without imprinting or weapon signature that will give you away. The Apparition Bag has the aesthetic of a regular ole daypack, and it can serve that purpose perfectly well, in any of the four pockets that aren’t the main. They can carry water, rations, a change of clothes, Yahtzee, night-vision goggles, tactical glasses, whatever you need. The two-tone exterior doesn’t bely the tactical nature of the pack, blending in with crowd. 1200 cubic inches Available in black, black diamond, brown, tan, or cayan 27” – 33” main compartment height 64 ounces The Apparition Bag magic is in that main compartment though. On the front side of the main compartment, two magazine pouches ensure you have the ammo to stay in the fight. On the backside, there are three keeper straps that let you lash down your SBR without disassembly, or even a 16-inch gun when broken down. It even has an bottom extender that can accommodate slightly larger footprints, without giving away too much profile to draw attention.  
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