YINSHOME Shooting Ear Protection Earmuffs, Gun Safety Glasses, Earplugs, Protective Case

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EASY TO CARRY AND STORAGE:Compact design and stable protective box, Do not worry about damaging earmuffs and safety glasses anymore,easy to carried as your wish GREAT DESIGN: ABS plastic cups with stainless steel wire structure maintain consistent force the padded ear cushion foam provide the durable comfortable and reduce noise COMBINATION PACKAGES:earmuff plus earplugs provide more ear protective ear for noise reduce.and safety glasses provide more protection in shooting, woodworking, DIY job EARMUFFS WITH SAFETY GLASSES:durable protective earmuffs plus lightweight safety glass would provide the more ear and eye protection for outdoor shooting,hunting, GUN SAFETY GLASSES WITH CARRY BAG: gun safety glasses are re-design for comfort with ear muffs,plus carry bag that in case for Scratches
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